No Damage to Your Car, No Injury? – Think Again

Low Speed Car AccidentSo you approach a red light and traffic is backed up father than you expect so you brake a bit hard to stop.  Unfortunately the person behind you is caught off guard, does not stop in time and hits your car!

Not very hard, mind you, but enough to startle you with a jolt and push your car a foot or two forward. You get out, check for damage, and find that the bumpers worked amazingly well and there is no damage save a smudge or a scratch on your bumper. Two days later you star getting headaches or neck pain that does not just “go away”. You may find it hard to believe that  you have a whiplash injury from that low speed bump, but it is surprisingly common.

To make matters worse, insurance companies often deny coverage claiming whiplash injuries are unlikely or impossible in collisions in which there is no car damage and uncommon when damage is under $1,000 or so. Even if the probability of injury was low – it actually is not, but even if it was – that is no excuse to not cover an injury. In cases of low speed whiplash, insurance companies want to claim that low probability of injury means you must be lying about your injury. That is really adding insult to injury and they are also wrong that the probability of injury is low!

The fact is studies show the risk of injury from low speed rear end collisions rise with the speed until the point where damage to the car begins, which depending on the card, may be in the roughly 5-12 mph range. Then as the car begins to crumble, the risk for injury actually dips down. Of course it rises again roughly around 20 mph (again depending on the car) as impact speeds get higher and damage to the car gets more severe.

If you have been in a low speed car accident, you want to seriously consider making an appointment with a qualified chiropractor.  Contact our chiropractor in El Cajon today.



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