Why You Need a Chiropractor if You Are an Athlete

Chiropractor El Cajon Olympics

It is estimated by healthcare experts that as many as 90% of all elite athletes regularly consult with chiropractors to prevent injuries and recover from them when they do occur, as well as to boost their performance during competition. With the eyes of the world on the globe’s best athletes at the Olympics, you can be sure that a great many of these super-charged athletes will attribute their tremendous performances in part to treatment received from a chiropractor.

Here’s why world-class athletes benefit from the care of a knowledgeable and experienced chiropractor, and why you would also receive such benefits from your chiropractor in El Cajon, Ca.

Relieves stress from athletic exertion

No matter which kind of sports you’re involved in, whether it be football, weight-lifting golf, or cycling, your body is absorbing tremendous stresses from the exertion you put it through. World-class athletes are particularly affected by these stresses, because they push their bodies to the limits, and a by-product of all that strain can be small but significant misalignments of the spine.

When that happens, areas of irritation are created in the central nervous system, and any or all of those irritations can degrade athletic performance because they are felt as soreness and pain. Regular consultation with a highly trained chiropractor can adjust any such misalignments, restoring the spine to its optimal alignment and relieving stress points.

Noninvasive treatment methods

Chiropractors can treat pain experienced by athletes in almost any part of the body, often by using non-invasive or minimally invasive treatments, which are also drug-free. Soreness in joints and muscles can be relieved by a combination of massage and stretching, which is coupled with range of motion exercises. The Graston Technique is a process which can be used to break down scar tissue with precision stainless steel tools, and muscles can be triggered to release tension either through stimulation by dry needling or through contraction resulting from electrical stimulation.

Prevention of injuries

Chiropractors take a holistic approach to treating athletes, and that means helping them to avoid injuries before they occur. In the initial phases of any treatment, evaluations such as neurological examinations and orthopedic tests are performed and considered holistically with findings from physical exams and other diagnostics. Based on the results of all these findings, recommendations can be made for injury prevention and for performance improvement.

Minimizing pain

The spine gets a great deal of focus when it comes to pain, because there are so many sensitive tissues in and around the spine area, especially in nerves, joints, muscles, ligaments, and discs. Any kind of misalignment in the spine is likely to put pressure on one or more of these areas, causing abnormal pain and soreness. Chiropractic treatment has been found to be consistently better than any other medical treatment program which addresses low back pain and minimizes or eliminates any pain felt by the athlete.

Your El Cajon chiropractor

You don’t have to be a world-class athlete to experience pain and soreness from back pain or from other parts of the body which have been stressed by significant exertion. Rather than just living with this kind of discomfort, contact your El Cajon chiropractor for a consultation, to determine if a non-invasive treatment program can get you back on track, and feeling pain-free again.


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