Chiropractor in El Cajon

Feeling Sick? Why Seeing a Chiropractor Can Help

Most people have the understanding that a chiropractor can only help people suffering from joint discomfort, usually centered around the spine, and which is felt most often in areas throughout the back. In reality though, your El Cajon chiropractor can assist with a great many bodily illnesses, aches, and pains that might accumulate to interfere with your sense of well-being. Documented studies and case histories have shown that chiropractic treatment can resolve or lessen the effects of many more afflictions than back pain and soreness, several of which are described below.

Colds and flu

Your body drains out bacteria, viruses, and other materials harmful to the body through a network of lymph nodes and ducts, some of which are located around the neck and spine. These lymph nodes and ducts can easily become blocked or congested when the neck and/or spine are even slightly out of alignment because of some injury your body has sustained, or due to simple muscle tension. With a relatively minor, non-invasive adjustment, your neck and spine can be brought back into alignment, so that the lymph nodes and ducts are clear again, and the lymph fluids can again drain harmful agents out of the body.


Many people who suffer from the moderate to severe pain inflicted by arthritis have found a significant measure of relief through chiropractic treatment. Information from the University of Virginia Center for The Study of Complementary Alternative Therapies shows that arthritis patients under the regular care of a chiropractor enjoy better overall health than arthritis sufferers who do not receive chiropractic treatment.

High blood pressure

Chiropractic treatment has been demonstrated to be effective at managing and reducing high blood pressure, and it provides the added benefit of being a non-medicinal treatment approach. For those wishing to avoid or reduce their dependence on prescription drugs, this approach to treatment can be one very good alternative.

Cancer support

While chiropractic treatment cannot cure cancer, it can certainly alleviate some of the attendant symptoms, such as anxiety, depression, and various kinds of sleep disorders. Chiropractic treatment is one of the most widely used approaches for the management of pain stemming from cancer, and it contributes significantly to quality of life improvement for cancer patients.

Inflammatory bowel disease

In several studies, chiropractic treatment has been identified as a key component of a successful program for the management of colitis, inflammatory bowel disease, and other disorders of the bowels. These kinds of afflictions routinely make the victim feel miserable for prolonged periods, and the non-medical treatment offered by a chiropractor can provide welcome relief from the most annoying and disruptive symptoms.

Bell’s palsy

Bell’s palsy is a disorder that can result in varying degrees of facial paralysis, problems with the jaw and other facial muscles, and even hearing problems. Documented cases have shown clear evidence that chiropractic treatment can relieve many of these symptoms, and restore more normal muscular control to the facial area.


Treatment by a chiropractor can be surprisingly successful, even in unusual conditions, because a chiropractor takes a holistic approach to treating the body, and after evaluating everything affecting a given patient, can develop a patient-centered approach for treatment. Sometimes it is this very specific and very personalized methodology which makes all the difference in wellness.


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