Good Posture El Cajon

5 Tips for Improving Posture

We’ve all heard these admonishments before. Stand up straight! Don’t slouch! There are a lot of good reasons why we were told to sit up straight. Marinating good posture can help you stay looking youthful and promote bone health. You can help to prevent stooping over as you age, which is usually caused by osteoporosis and as your vertebrae located in the upper and middle of your spine are destroyed. A poor posture can also hurt other joints in your body—your shoulders, hips, knees, as well as cause joint and back pain.

Here are 5 ways to keep your body limber and flexible while keeping good posture.

  1. Start and end your day with a stretch. suggests every morning and evening, lying on the floor and slowly making snow angels—moving your arms above your head and down to your sides while opening and closing your legs. For a deeper stretch, use a half foam roller or a rolled up towel and place it under your spine. Stretches should not cause any major pain, so stop if you feel any major discomfort.
  2. Keep it moving. Modern life has us crouched over our desks, looking at our computers. In order to keep your range of motion, make sure that you get up from your desk every 30 minutes to stand, stretch, or walk.
  3. Sit up straight and tall. Your shoulders should be dropped as you sit at your seat. Exercises that promote body awareness like yoga and Pilates. Your desk should be set up to help you maintain your posture. That involves having your chair and your computer screen at the correct height.
  4. Find exercises that support your spine. Pilates and yoga are great exercise routines for not only body awareness, but help to strengthen your core muscles and improve your flexibility. Weight training and exercises which focus on your back, neck, side, and pelvic muscles will help to support your spine and increase your endurance, i.e., standing for hours without having your back hurting. Other exercises that help include stair climbing and walking. Walking promotes healthier bone density.
  5. Eat healthy and take your vitamins. A calcium rich diet will help support bone health. Women aged 19 to 50 should be getting 1,000mg of calcium daily. For women over 50, 1,200 mg of calcium. It’s better to get calcium from food. Consult with your doctor if you should take calcium supplements. Along with calcium, you need vitamin D. The fairer your skin, the less sunlight you’ll need daily to naturally create vitamin D in your body. Vitamin D levels can decrease during the wintertime due to lack of sunlight, so make sure you are taking enough vitamin D during those months. As with calcium, it’s best to get vitamin D from food. Women up to 70 years old should be getting 600 IU daily. Women over age 70 need 800 IU.

Proper posture can help your body from head to toe for years to come. If you are experiencing back or joint pain and are looking for a chiropractor in El Cajon area, contact us today for a consultation.


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