Get Your Body Tuned Up for Travel

As temperatures get warmer, many of us become more active and go on trips. Whether you plan on swimming, golfing, biking, playing a round of tennis, or you are traveling because you plan to participate in a marathon, bike race, or some kind of adventure travel, you need to prepare your body for more activity.  Here are 7 activities that you can do to prepare your body for travel and to prevent injuries.

  1. Start at your core. Core training can help your body overall. This isn’t necessarily about achieving a six-pack, but also about your back and your pelvic floor. Activities such as yoga, Pilates, and other ab exercises will help strengthen your core as well as help with other issues you may be having including knee pain, hip pain, and incontinence issues.
  2. Cross train. By exercising different parts of your body in a variety of ways for flexibility and strength, you will be better conditioned and less prone to injuries.
  3. Work on your balance. Working out on different surfaces and engaging in activities that improve both your static and dynamic balance will help you prevent injuries due to being imbalanced. Activities like standing one leg while working on your upper body, yoga, training on the BOSU ball, and balancing on a foam square can all help you to improve your balance.
  4. Get your heart pumping. Cardio activities such as Zumba, step aerobics, cycling, and running can help you build endurance and get your heart stronger.
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