Yoga and Chiropractor in El Cajon

The Perfect Pairing for Health: Yoga and a Chiropractor

You probably already know that visiting a chiropractor and practicing yoga are both great ways to improve your health, but what you might not know is how well they work together. Here are just a few reasons why you should be making an appointment with a chiropractor in El Cajon in between your yoga classes.

Alleviated Back Pain

The biggest reason why people have regular sessions with a chiropractor is to alleviate their back pain after an injury. While this is still effective even if you aren’t very physically active, practicing yoga will strengthen your back muscles and keep your spine in the proper alignment. Not only will this keep your injury from recurring, but it will improve your overall spinal health in the long run.

Improved Flexibility

Since chronic back pain will ruin your range of motion, it stands to reason that visits to a chiropractor will help restore any flexibility that you’ve lost. It’s less effective at improving the flexibility of your muscles, but that’s where yoga can help you. Incorporating yoga into your daily routine will limber up your muscles and increase your flexibility than chiropractic treatments alone. You can even continue your yoga regimen long after you’ve recovered from your back injury.

Relieving Stress

Yoga is an excellent stress reliever when it is practiced effectively. Its gentle movements and focus on breathing allow people to relax and center themselves. This can definitely come in handy for those who have never undergone a chiropractic treatment. A session with a chiropractor is obviously very beneficial, but those who have never had their spine realigned are understandably nervous about it. Regular yoga sessions can make these novices far more relaxed and more open to a chiropractic treatment. Naturally, the pain relief and restoration of balance that both chiropractic care and yoga can provide will help alleviate much of your stress and anxiety.

Promoting Healing

The increased muscle strength and flexibility that comes from practicing yoga also makes it much easier for your body to heal itself after an injury. This is part of the reason why doctors and physical therapists recommend yoga for their patients who live with chronic pain, but it also increases the effectiveness of regular chiropractic treatments. Simply put, when your body is in better shape and you feel more relaxed and balanced overall, you will have a better chance of recovering from a serious injury or health condition.

As useful as chiropractic care and yoga are on their own, they are much more beneficial when they are combined. A chiropractor will be able to alleviate your back pain and restore balance, while a regular yoga regimen will strengthen your core and back muscles and improve your flexibility while helping you to relax. As always, make sure to speak to your physician before beginning any kind of treatment or exercise program since no treatment is ideal for everybody. If it does turn out that chiropractic care and yoga are right for you, seek out a yoga instructor and a chiropractor in El Cajon today.



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