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Women and Whiplash

Chiropractor El CajonDid you know women are far more likely to sustain a whiplash injury than a man by a ratio of 2 to 1?

A study comparing gender in whiplash injuries concluded: “This population is more likely to be injured under whiplash loading”. Women are also more likely to suffer chronic (long lasting) symptoms from such accidents even with low-speed impacts. A study found that once injured, women  are between 2 to 2.3 times more likely than men to have chronic symptoms.

Fortunately another study found that women who visit a chiropractor shortly after injury may have better outcomes than those who wait. Continue reading Women and Whiplash


The Great Paradox: Car Accidents and Whiplash

Chiropractor El Cajon Car Accident InjuryIt only takes a small force to cause injury to the lower neck, which is partly why even very low speed accidents cause injury. It seems counter-intuitive but before damage occurs in a car accident, the car getting hit remains relatively stiff and much of the energy from the collision goes into accelerating the car and the occupant(s) forward (causing the whiplash injury). Once the car getting hit starts to crumple much of the energy is spent bending or breaking parts on the car rather than Continue reading The Great Paradox: Car Accidents and Whiplash

No Damage to Your Car, No Injury? – Think Again

Low Speed Car AccidentSo you approach a red light and traffic is backed up father than you expect so you brake a bit hard to stop.  Unfortunately the person behind you is caught off guard, does not stop in time and hits your car!

Not very hard, mind you, but enough to startle you with a jolt and push your car a foot or two forward. You get out, check for damage, and find that the bumpers worked amazingly well and there is no damage save a smudge or a scratch on your bumper. Two days later you star getting headaches or neck pain that does not just “go away”. You may find it hard to believe that Continue reading No Damage to Your Car, No Injury? – Think Again