Research Shows Chiropractic Care Effective (Part 1)

Chiropractor-ElCajonThere is a substantial body of evidence that chiropractic care is effective for whiplash injuries. Researchers at the University of Calgary in Canada studied patients with sub-acute whiplash disorders. They assessed the effects of chiropractic adjustments to the neck on muscle function, range of motion, and pressure sensitivity. They found that the patients enjoyed significant improvements in all measured outcomes.

A study published in the respected Journal of Orthopaedic Medicine found that 74% of whiplash patients improved with chiropractic care.

Another trial from Sweden found whiplash patients with neck pain have significantly better pain reduction with early activity and mobilization than with standard medical treatment of rest and a soft cervical collar and gradual return to activity. This trial provided clear evidence favoring early active care rather than rest, supporting the active approach of chiropractic care.

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